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The web is a tremendous hodgepodge of media
Every website faces two key questions:

  1. What content do we have at hand?

  2. What content should we produce?

Most web copy is still being written by people who aren't writers and don't have time. Clients love to write copy. Well, they love to plan to write it, anyhow. On most web design projects, content is the last thing to be considered (and almost always the last thing to be delivered).

We must understand that intelligent web content is the literature of our time and great web design is not possible without the design of words. Some designers go further, sharpening their clients' content to grab and focus user attention. In so doing, they create more effective sites—and gain an advantage over other designers.

Even the simplest website is harder to figure out than a catalog or magazine. We all know how to “use” a catalog: start at the front cover and keep turning the pages. But with every new site we visit, we have to “learn” how it works, how its “pages” turn, how to find what we’re looking for. Text. They’re a nutritious part of your complete website. But what keeps readers coming back is compelling writing that’s continually fresh and new. Great writing can’t be taught, but bad writing can be avoided. Declarative sentences are good. But web readers also demand pith.

The writer’s goal is clarity. Websites must go beyond usability and design, deeply engaging readers by turning their journeys through the site into rich, memorable, narrative experiences.

We have our own team of professionals and it will work under the supervision of Mr Manoj Dhiman.

*Profile of Manoj Dhiman *

*Manoj Dhiman** born in 1964 born and a journalist by profession. He is the youngest son of Late Shri H. R. Dhiman, Journalist (Ferozepur in Punjab). He started writing stories, poems, and making cartoons etc. for children in different dailies during his childhood.
Professional Experience
He has worked as Stringer for The Tribune Group, PTI, Times of India (Delhi Edition) and Daily Ajit, jalandhar at Ferozepur in Punjab. In August 2000, he joined Indian Express (Chandigarh Edition) as a Staffer and worked for over two years at Jalandhar and Ludhiana. He worked as Senior Staff Correspondent/ Principal Correspondent for more than eight years with Hindustan Times at Ludhiana (Punjab) and Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh).*

*Presently, he has been running his own News Portal (www.cityairnews.com) since July, 2012. He is Editor-cum-CEO of www.cityairnews.com* *FICTION WRITING*

*He authored his first book titled `Late Night Party' in Hindi in the year 2007. This is a collection of short stories on contemporary issues. **The book, dipping into realism, brings forth the everyday situations of life. All the stories are real life instances and truly reflects our times and our society. One story- `Item Girl' which highlights the dreams of a college girl who wants to become an `Item girl' is a la Bollywood and spends five precious years of her life chasing the dream. Before she untimely falls victim to the casting couch. This book has also been translated into English.**
His second book titled "Baarish Ki Boondein" (a collection of poems in Hindi) came in 2009. *
*His this book "Shoonya Ki Or" (Towards Nothingness)- a novel, hit the stalls in the year 2012. *
*Reviews of these books have appeared in the leading English, Hindi and Punjabi dailies, and magazines etc.*
So Never underestimate the importance of words on the web.
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